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Monday, 19 August 2013

Online Indian Classical Music Lessons in Raag Ananda Bhairavi

Indian Music School in New York is going to discuss the important aspects of Indian Classical Music Lessons in Raga Ananda Bhairavi.  This Raga is deep-rooted & harmonious which belongs to South Indian Classical Music.  It is being specified that the application of this particular raga has been extensively used in Indian Folk Melody.  Anandam is a Sanskrit word which signifies felicity & this detailed raga brings a joyful frame of mind to the hearer.

All the 7 swaras have been used in this raga, thats why it is being defined as Sampoorna Raag.  The structure of this raga is vakra since its arohana is not in correct chronological succession.  It is also termed as Bhashanga Raga, subsequently it applies additionally one more anya swaram.  This precise raga has two gandhar, two nishad, & two dhaivatas. This further enhances to the sweetness to the raga.  Ananda Bhairavi is as exceptional as it has three extra-terrestrial musical notes.

One has to study numerous kritis in this raga to derive excellence over all the tones.  Small alapas filled with emotions & sentiments create this raga sound heavenly.   The formation of swaras in this raga are as under:

Aaraoha:    sa ga, ri, ga, ma, pa, da, pa, sa”
Avaroha:    sa’, ni, da, pa, ma, ga, ri, sa

This hefty traditional raga imparts itself exquisitely to the melodies of folk music.  It is thought-provoking to create professional movie tracks in this raga which is so much classical & well organized.  What do you think?