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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Online Indian Classical Music Classes for everybody

Indian School of Music in New York offers online Indian classical music classes in Raag Yaman Kalyan which are exceedingly interactional in nature & Learners will study the important concepts through time rewarded conventional methods.  The vocalist with adequate education and Knowledge can create the preferred sentiments in this particular raga.

Laxan Geet in Taal Ektaal is described as under:

Laxan Geet – Taal Ektaal

Sab Gunijan Yaman Gaat

Tivar Sur Karat Saath

Sa Sa Re Re Ga Ga Ma(t) Ma(t) Pa Pa Dha Dha

Ni Ni Re’ Re’ Ga’ Re’ Sa’ Re’ Sa’ Ni Dha Pa |

Sur Vadi Gandhar Saadh

Samvadi Kar Nikhad

Raat Samay Pratham Prahar

Chatoor Sujan Maan Rizaat


Sa’ Sa’ |  Ni Dha  | Ni Dha  | Pa Pa  | Ma(t) Pa   | Ga Ma(t)   |

Sa   b   | Gu  Ni    | ja    n    | Ya   ma | n        Ga  |  S     at       |

X             o                2               o              3                   4                     

Ga    -    | Ga Re  |  Ga Pa   |  Re Ga   |   Re ‘Ni    |   Re    Sa    |

Ti      S   | Va   r    | Su   r     |  Ka    r    |   t     Sa    |   S     ath   |

X               o               2               o                3                  4

Sa  Sa    | Re Re     | Ga Ga     | Ma(t) Ma(t)    |    Pa  Pa       |  Dha  Dha     |

X                o                2                 o                            3                     4

Ni   Ni    | Re’  Re’  | Ga’  Re’  | Sa’     Re’        |     Sa’  Ni      |   Dha     Pa     |

X                o                2                 o                            3                    4


Pa   Ga  | Pa   -  | Dha   Pa     | Sa’    -   | Sa’ Sa’   |    -     Sa’   |

Sur   r    |Va   S  | Di      Gan   | Dha  S  | r     Saa  |   S      dh   |

X               o            2                     o             3                  4                

Sa’  Sa’  | Re’   -   |  Ga’  Re’  | Sa’ Sa’   |  Ni  Ni      |  Dha  Pa   |

Sa   m    |Va     S   |  Di     S    |  Ka    r    | Ni   Kha   |   S       d    |

X               o                 2                o               3                   4                 

Pa     Ga   |  Ga  Pa   |  Pa    Pa   | Ni    Ni    |  Dha  Pa     |  Dha  Pa   |

Raa     S     |  t    Sa   |  ma    y    | Pra   tha   |  m   Pra    |   ha     r     |

X                 o                  2                 o                   3                    4                

Sa’    Sa’     |  Ni  Dha   |  Ni  Dha   | Pa     Ga    |    Pa     Re     |   -    Sa   |

Cha   too    |  r     Su     |  ja    n      | Maa   n     |    Ri      zaa    |   S    t     |

X                     o                   2                 o                     3                      4

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Online Indian Classical Music Classes in Raag Yaman Kalyan

Indian Classical Music School in New York offers online indian classical music classes for the trainees to assist understanding melodic pastime – acquiring skill & knowledge about music, fundamentals of Indian classical music & music notational system, study music concepts & rehearse choral music  Swarmalika in Raag Yaman Kalyan is described as under which covers the text version as well as the audio version in Taal teental i,e. 16 beats.

Raag Yaman ( Kalyan)

Thaat:  Kalyan

Vadi Swar:  Ga

Samvadi Swar:  Ni

Vikrut Swar: Ma ( Tivra)

Aaroh:  Sa, Re, Ga, Ma(t), Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa’ |

Avroh:  Sa’, Ni, Dha, Pa, Ma(t), Ga, Re, Sa |

Pakad: Ni Re Ga, Ga Ma(t) Pa, Ma(t) Ga Re Sa |

                              Swarmalika                                                                             Taal – Teental


Ni Dha – Pa | Ma(t) Pa Ga Ma  | Pa – Ma(t) - | Ga – Re - |

o                       3                               X                       2 

Sa ‘Ni Sa Ga | Re Ma (t) Ga Re | Sa Ga Re Sa  |  -  ‘Ni    ‘Dha - |

o                        3                              X                      2  

Sa Re – Re | Ga – Pa Ma(t)  |     Dha Pa – Ma(t) | Ga Ma(t) Pa Dha  |

o                     3                               X                             2


Ga Ga Pa Dha | Pa Sa’ – Sa’ | Ni Re’ Ga’ Re’ | Sa’ Ni Dha Pa |

o                           3                     X                          2                         

Ga’ Re’ Sa’ Ni  | Dha Pa Ni Dha | Pa Ma(t) Ga Re | Ga Re Sa - |

o                            3                           X                            2

Sa Re – Re | Ga – Pa Ma(t)        |  Dha Pa – Ma(t)  |  Ga Ma(t) Pa Dha  |

o                     3                                   X                              2

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Musical Notes in Raag Bhopali by Indian Classical Music School in New York

Indian Classical Music School in New York is going to present Alaps in Raag Bhopali  which is an aurally delighting raga. It is exceptionally significant for the students to improve their breath control along with lengthy singing technics.  As shuddha swaras are applied in this particular raga, it has an inane splendor & ease to its musical note.

The alaps are as under:

Sa Ga Re Ga Sa, Re Pa Ga Pa Ga, Ga Dha Pa Dha Pa, Pa Sa' Dha Sa' Pa, Dha Re' Sa' Re' Dha, Sa' Ga' Re' Ga' Sa'   |

Sa' Re' Ga' Re' Sa' Re' Sa', Dha Sa' Re' Sa' Dha Sa' Dha, Pa Dha Sa' Dha Pa Dha Pa, Ga Pa Dha Pa Ga Pa Ga, Re Ga Pa Ga Re Ga Re, Sa Re Ga Re Sa Re Sa  |

The audio version of these swaras are being embedded into the sound cloud website.  If ever learners are interested to take up Hindustani Classical Music Lessons in Raag Bhopali they can send us the request or text message on skype @ madhur.bajaj. Let us know what do you think? 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Indian Music School in New York to present Most recent Devotional Melody

Our Online Indian Classical Music School in New York is going to share beautiful devotional song which consists of Lyrics as well as the audio version for the readers. Here it goes.

Radhadhar Madhu Milind  Jay – Jay       |

Rama – Raman Hari Govind                   |

Kalindi Taat Ras Rachayo                      |

Gop Gopisang Giridhar Nagar                |                Rama Raman….

Murlidhar Hari RadhaRaman                   |

NandNandan Hari Gopala                       | 

Now students can learn devotional songs in the online music training sessions from our world class music teachers. Enroll on skype @ madhur.bajaj  for more information.  

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Online Singing Lessons in Raag Bhopali

Indian Music School in New York is going to share online singing lessons in Raag Bhopali, i,e. Laxan Geet with Taal Jhaptal in ten beats.  Here we go with the chota khayal along with the audio version integrated in sound cloud.

LaxanGeet  -    Taal Jhaptal

Bhoop Sarup Mein Dha – Ga  Samwadi Vadi

Ma – Ni, Barij  DarSayo Kalyan Aang   |

Pratham Prahar Nishi, Purvang Mein Sajat Ramrang

Dha Sa Re Ga Pa Ga Dha Pa Ga Pa Re Sang


Ga       Re     |   Ga Dha Pa     |  Ga  Re    | Ga    Re      Sa    |

Bhoo    S      |   p    S       S       | aru   S     | p   mein      S     |

X                        2                          o                 3

Dha Ga      |    Re   Sa       -    |   Ga Re    |  Ga Pa Dha        |

Dha   Ga    |    Sam  wa     S   |   Di   S     |  Va  S   di            |

X                        2                           o               3

Pa  Sa ’    | Pa Dha Pa    |   Ga Re   |   Ga Pa Pa     |

Ma Ni      |Ba   Ri      j     |   Da  r     |   Sa  S   Yo     |

X                 2                         o                 3

Ga Re    |  Ga Dha Pa   |   Re        Ga    |   Re   -   Sa   |

Ka   S     |  lya   S     n    |  Aan        S      |   G   S    S     |

X                2                        o                         3


Pa        Ga       |   Pa     -     Dha    |    Sa’   Dha    |     Sa’   -    Sa’     |

Pra       tha      |   m     S      Pra    |    ha     r        |     Ni    S     shi    |

X                            2                              o                         3

Sa’   Re’    |    Ga’           Re’        Sa’      |   Sa’           Dha    |     Pa   Ga   Re    |  

Pu     S      |     rvan         S           G      |    Mein        S        |        Sa     ja     t       |

X                        2                                             o                               3

Ga    Re      |   Sa    -    Sa   | Dha  Sa    |   Re Ga  Re   |

Ra     m       |  Ran   S    g    | Dha   Sa    |  Re  Ga  Re   |

X                      2                      o                    3

Pa      Ga   |   Dha  Pa     Ga    |    Pa   Re     |    Ga     Re     Sa    |

Pa      Ga   |   Dha   Pa     Ga    |   Pa   Re     |    -        San     g     |

X                      2                               o                     3

Complementary Online Singing Lessons for beginners help oneself to comprehend, what should you be acquainted, when you commence to learn how to produce tones with the voice.  

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Hindi Bhajans Singing Lessons offered by Indian Music School in New York

IndianClassical Music School in New York is going to share beautiful devotional song which consists of lyrics as well as the audio.

dhana mor nityananda, pati mor gaura – candra,
prana mor yugala – kisor
advaita acarya bala, gadadhar mor kula,
narahari vilasa – i  mor

vaisnaver pada – dhuli, tahe mor snana- keli,
tarpana mor vaisnaver nama
vicar koriya mane, bhakti-rasa asvadane
madhyastha sri – bhagavata purana

vaisnaver ucchistha, tahe mor mana nistha,
vaisnaver namete ullas
vrndavane cabutara, tahe mor mana ghera,
kohe dina narottam das

Learn to sing Indian Classical Hindi Bhajans within the specified timeline at our online music academy. Enroll Now on skype @ madhur.bajaj

Friday, 4 October 2013

Learn Indian Classical Singing Online in Raag Bhopali

Online Indian Classical Music Lessons are being provided by Indian Classical Music School in New York for all ages with organized syllabus integrated with audio visual learning stuff.  A New Bandish is Raag Bhopali is being discussed & implemented in Taal Teental in sixteen beats.  

Itan Joban Par Maan Na Kariye Dariye Prabhu so Aaj Aali ||

Joi Koi Aave Apne Dhingva Taso Garab Na Kijiye SadarDag Yaha Reet Mane ||


Sa’ Sa’ Dha Pa    | Ga Re Sa Sa   |

I      ta    n    Jo     |Ba  Na Pa  r   


Sa ‘Dha   Sa Re   | Ga   Re Ga   -   |  Ga Ga Ga Re  | Ga Pa Dha Sa’   |

Ma  s        a   n    |Ka     ri    ye  s    | Da  Ri  Ye  s     |Pra  Bhu So  s     |

x                   2                          0                         3

Pa Sa’Dha Sa’ Sa’   |   Sa’ Sa’  Dha Pa   Ga Re     Sa   |

Aa   S   S     S     j      |   A a S      S      S     S   S        li    |

 X                                     2 


Ga – Ga  Re  |   Ga Pa  Sa’ Dha    |

Jo  S  Ko    i   |    Aa  S    Ve   S       |

0                           3                            

Sa’  Sa’ Sa’ –    |   Sa’   Re’  Sa’  -   |    Dha – Dha   -   |   Sa’ Sa’ Re’ Re’    |

A    p     ne  S    |  Dhin  G    Va  S   |    Ta  S    So   S    |   Ga  Ra  Ba  Na    |

X                             2                                0                             3

Sa’ Re’ Ga’ Re’   |      Sa’ Sa’ Dha Pa   |  Pa Ga Re Ga    |  Pa Dha Sa’ Sa’   |

Ki   S    S      Ji      |      Ye   S    S      S     |  Sa  Da  S   r      |  S    Dag  Ya  ha 

X                                   2                             0                            3                           

Pa  Sa’ Dha  Sa’ Sa’   |    Sa’ Sa’  Dha Pa  Ga Re   Sa      |

Re    SS           S   et    |    Ma S     S     S    S   S       Ne      |

x                                          2

Students can enroll for online music training sessions @ just 10 USD per hour on skype @ madhur.bajaj