Indian School of Music | Indian Music School: January 2013

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Increasing influence of Indian classical music in the western world

Although, in India it seems that the Indian classical music popularity is declining rapidly, internationally, especially in the western world the influence of Indian classical music has been on the rise. From Indian classical musical programs to classes, you can see many people perusing this form of music. There are many who prefer learning Indian classical through online music classes. 

Studies that were made in context with North American continent revealed that in this part of America, Indian classical music, especially Carnatic South Indian music has made great progress. There are many Americans who are taking interest in online music theory classes and in North America alone there are 3,500 music societies, schools and teachers that are solely dedicated to this form of Indian classical music. And there are another 13,500 institutions devoted to Indian form of classical music.      

This proves that this form of art is certainly not in peril and slowly and steadily is carving its way into the western art society.  Moreover, other strains of Indian music are also making their mark in the U.S.  Right from the beginning, classical music has been restricted to highly cultured groups of society and rarely someone with classical background has received mass acclaim. That is why, although it appears at the superficial level that Indian classical music is seeing its period of dawn, in reality, the influence of Indian classical music is increasing day by day. With the coming up of internet learning various ragas through online music classes has become easier and people now also enroll for online music theory classes to learn this art thoroughly. 

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Learn online music for rejuvenating your mind

It is a common knowledge that music can be used as a healer.  Nowadays, you can learn online music and empower your mind and get freedom from stress and pain. It has been proved by clinical tests and researches that for mental patients, music helps reduce the gap between fantasy and reality and contributes in keeping their moods under control. For patients who are depressed and have locked their emotions deep within, online Indian classical music classes can work wonders.  

Some researchers suggest that humans react to music and its rhythm because we are basically rhythmic beings and everything in our body works according to a set rhythm such as brain waves, respiration, heartbeats, speech and gait. Dr. Edward Podolsky in his book - Music for your health has mentioned many uses of music. According to him, a nervous ulcer patient can get cured listening alone to the music of the patient’s taste for half an hour every day.  Researches have also revealed that slow pulse can be activated by lively music whereas a calming effect can be made on a person with overactive heart by soothing music.  In the past Dwight Eisenhower has been known to have made effective use of music for treating Brahms and Bach from heart attack.  

Music beats work very closely with the heart. According to Dr. Balaji Tambe Todi and Raga Bhupali has been influential in reducing the high blood pressure in many patients. Similarly, Raga Ahir-Bhairav also helps in controlling high blood pressure. Some other ragas that can be useful in treating various health ailments are Raga Asawari, Raga Malkauns, Bharavi, Chandrakauns, Hansdhwani, Raga Bihag and Bahar and more.

Learn online music to cure your various ailments. Online Indian classical music classes can be learnt through various exponents of classical music. 

Monday, 14 January 2013

Learn Raga Charukeshi in just 5 sessions through Online Music Sessions

Indian Classical Music School in New York is going to discuss about Raga Charukeshi  which is a new applicant to Hindustani Classical Music. It subsists in the Hindustani elegance as “Raga Chandramauli” but was possibly promoted by the Carnatic fashion & hence has become widely held as “ Charukeshi”. You can learn Raga Charukeshi through online music classes from two different gharanas

Rishab and Gandhar are sharp notes in this sampurna raga & Madhyam, Dhaivat & Nishad are flat notes. In other words those are komal notes.  You would find that there are tones of Bhairav Ang, being the chalan of this particular raga, many vocalists and musicians perform this particular raga in the morning time.  Conventionally it is being stated that Charukeshi has a kaushik style. Madhyam & Nishad are vadi & samwadi swaras in this specific raga. As on today’s Date Charukeshi is being widely known as late night melodic phrase.

The musical scale of Raga Charukeshi fits to the collection of Indian Scales because of the physical location where it was instinctive and its beautiful sound of music.  You can follow us on facebook and write your feedback in the comments.