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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sampoorna Raga Bhairav

Raga Bhairav has been considered the most significant raga in Indian Classical Music for centuries. This raga has been recognized with affection & tranquility. Raga Bhairav has been occasionally interrelated to Raga Bhairavi with the companion of Bhairav (as the facet of Lord Shiva) of the similar name. 

Raga Bhairav is an early sunrise piece of music, connected with the insightful nature of isolation in the pre hours of first light. It calls to mind an atmosphere of meditation & peacefulness. The Bhairav Thaat is the warehouse for numerous sunrise ragas for instance, Ramkali, Jogiya & Bairagi, to name a few. The most important feature of Raga Bhairav is komal Rishabh which is harmonic with an andolan that moves backward and forward from Re to Sa and gives a soft touch to Gandhar. 

Let us discuss the Aroh & Avroh of Raga Bhairav
Aroh: S, r, G, M, P, d, N, S
Avroh: S, N, d, P, M, G, r, S
Vaadi: Dhaivat
Samvadi: Rishabh
Time of Singing: Morning

Raga Bhairav was performed by Pt. Shivanand Swami on Vocals with Harmonium Saath by Madhur Bajaj at Indian Classical Music Concert in Pune. This musical concert is co-sponsored by Indian School of Music. Please follow us on twitter @musicschool2010 and write your comments about this music video.