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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Increasing influence of Indian classical music in the western world

Although, in India it seems that the Indian classical music popularity is declining rapidly, internationally, especially in the western world the influence of Indian classical music has been on the rise. From Indian classical musical programs to classes, you can see many people perusing this form of music. There are many who prefer learning Indian classical through online music classes. 

Studies that were made in context with North American continent revealed that in this part of America, Indian classical music, especially Carnatic South Indian music has made great progress. There are many Americans who are taking interest in online music theory classes and in North America alone there are 3,500 music societies, schools and teachers that are solely dedicated to this form of Indian classical music. And there are another 13,500 institutions devoted to Indian form of classical music.      

This proves that this form of art is certainly not in peril and slowly and steadily is carving its way into the western art society.  Moreover, other strains of Indian music are also making their mark in the U.S.  Right from the beginning, classical music has been restricted to highly cultured groups of society and rarely someone with classical background has received mass acclaim. That is why, although it appears at the superficial level that Indian classical music is seeing its period of dawn, in reality, the influence of Indian classical music is increasing day by day. With the coming up of internet learning various ragas through online music classes has become easier and people now also enroll for online music theory classes to learn this art thoroughly.