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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Information on Tal Teental by Indian Music School in New York

Indian Classical Music School in New York is going to share some valuable inputs on Tal Teental. It is said that rhythm is the soul of music.  Tunes & the basic rhythmic units in a piece of music has to go hand in hand.  Teental is enormously popular taal in the arena of Indian Classical Music. The construction of tintal is so proportioned that it delivers the easy rhythmical structure alongside the musical entertainment can be set down according to a plan. 

Taal Teental consists of 16 beats in four equivalent partitions.  The period of time between each & every two beats is identical.  The first & foremost beat has been defined as “Sam” and the ninth beat out of the sixteen beats has been well-defined as “Khali” which signifies as holding nothing.  

The spectators claps on the first rhythm, then claps on the fifth rhythm to demonstrate the teental, then relinquishes on the ninth rhythm  & finally yet again claps on the thirteen rhythm. The details of the Theka could be found in the attached image. Let us know what do you think?