Indian School of Music | Indian Music School: How to Be a Part of Best Musical Programs in California Universities?

Friday, 3 April 2015

How to Be a Part of Best Musical Programs in California Universities?

If you want to be a part of the best musical programs in California Universities, it is very much important that you should be fully aware of the universities offering such programs. Apart from the beautiful beaches, scenic jazz and the majestic mountains what draws many art lovers to California is the presence of extraordinary programs in classical music and actual jazz. You would be surprised to note that many of the highly acclaimed universities offering best musical programs such as San Jose State, UCSD, Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, State East Bay and UCSB are a part of the Californian state. 

Here is the list of some such fantastic Californian Universities 
offering best musical programs around:

The Thornton School of Music

Renowned as one of the best conservatories around, the University of Southern California’s Thornton School offers majors in opera, jazz along with scoring early music for motion pictures and television. Expert faculty is an essential feature of this music school with major music ensembles and other faculties hailing from the esteemed Los Angeles Philharmonic. 

Getting Admission in Thornton School of Music 

With such an outstanding reputation and legacy behind, for any kid getting admission to this ideal music school is nothing short of a challenge. The auditions are certainly rigorous and grill you to the core and the academic requirements are somewhat tough. As an applicant, you are expected to pass out with good grades in both the university and the music school. To get through the exam you need to have around 3.8 GPA and 2020 to 2240 SAT scores. 30 to 34 ACT score can also play a major role. Although getting in is a bit difficult, it is worth the effort as once you complete the musical programs here you are looked upon as some sort of an expert in this field which is a good way to start your journey into the musical world.

Some Other Less Challenging Options 

In case you fail to get an entry into the Thornton School, you should not lose hope of getting entry to musical programs in California. Several other options are less rigid and offer high-level undergraduate and graduate music programs. 

Check out some here:

Chapman University

A jump and a hop from the Disneyland, the Chapman University has a Conservatory of Music located in this small Californian town renowned for oranges. It offers undergraduate musical programs and degrees in music education, conducting, instrumental and vocal performance.  

University of Pacific

University of the Pacific has a 130-year-old conservatory of music located in Stockton and offers several undergraduate degree courses in composition, music performance and music education. You can also opt for four plus one degree course. The Brubeck Institute that offers a two-year program in music is also a part of the University of Pacific. Its jazz quintet is renowned all over the world for its performance. 

University of Redlands

This university is located to the east of Los Angeles based in the Californian Inland Empire. It has a conservatory of music and you can witness and enjoy century old Concerts being performed in the University of Redlands College chapel. 

Your choice of university entirely depends upon the type of music program that wish to enroll. However, one should never forget that getting an admission to the best music production schools in California is the first step towards making it big in the musical world.