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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Learn Hindustani Classical Music Online in Raag Bhopali

Indian Classical Music School in New York would share useful tips and techniques to learn Hindustani classical music online in Raag Bhopali.  This particular blog post will help you to learn Alaps in this specific raga which is connected with lower state of feelings.    This Raga is the derivative from the combining of musical notes that is not applied in Indian Music, but unanimously.   It further gives more importance on the lower musical notes and is additionally thoughtful.

The alaps are made available to the students of Indian Classical Music in both text & audio format.
Sa Re Ga Re Ga, Re Ga Pa Ga Pa, Ga Pa Dha Pa Dha, 

Pa Dha Sa' Dha Sa', Dha Sa ' Re' Sa' Re’, Sa’ Re' Ga' Re' Ga'

Ga' Re' Sa' Dha, Re' Sa' Dha Pa, Sa' Dha Pa Ga, 

Dha Pa Ga Re, Pa Ga Re Sa 

You could learn & intonate Indian Classical Music Lessons in Raag Bhopali by thoroughly following our melodic methodology.  Sign up for online music sessions now.