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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How to learn Online Hindustani Classical Music in Raag Bhopali?

Here comes the unique opportunity for the lovers of Indian Classical Music.  Students can now learn online Hindustani classical music from Indian Music School in New York which offers an exceptional opportunity for the learners wherever in the planet to learn at their own pace time and place.  

It is stated that Music is the supernatural skill we should nurture & improve ourselves as well as in our family relations; a bestowal which believes in giving continuously all over our lifespan. Hindustani Classical Music is one of the ancient customs of the globe and is interlaced into the opulent material of our social club. Our Online Music Academy is going to discuss Bandish in Raag Bhopali with Tal Teental in 16 beats.

Bandish in Raag Bhopali

Sakhi Madhur Madhur Murli Bajaye | 

Tan Maan Ki Suddh Bisrai Shyam ||

Aap Nache Sab Log Nachave | 

Mil Sakhiyan Sang Raas Rachave |

Dekh Dekh Maan Bhaye Ri : |


Ga  Pa   | Dha  Sa’    Dha  Pa   |    Ga   Re  Sa  Sa   |

Sa  Khi   |Ma  Dhu     r       m a  |   Dhu  r    mu   r    |

                  0                                       3

Ga Re Pa Ga  |   - Ga Ga Re | Pa Ga Pa -  |    Sa’ Dha Sa’ Sa’  |

Li   s    Ba  Ja   |  s  Ye  ta  n  |Ma an   Ki  s  |  Su  ddh  Bi   s    |

*                           2                    0                         3

Pa Dha Sa’ Dha Pa |  Ga Re

Ra s       s     i     Shy  | S   am   

*                          2


Pa Ga Ga Ga |            Pa -  Sa’ Dha  |     Sa’ – Sa’ Sa’ |         Sa’ Re’ Sa’ -  |

Aa s    P    Na |           Che s  Sa   b    |    Lo S   Ga   n   |        Ach s ave     |

0                                    3                               *                           2

Dha Dha Dha Dha   |  Sa’  Sa’  Re’ Re’  |    Sa’ Re’ Ga’ Re’  | Sa’ Dha Pa   -   |

Mi     l       Sa    khi    |  Ya  n     Sa   ng    |    Ra  S    as   ra      | Cha  s   Ve  s  |   

0                                      3                                  *                              2

Ga – Re Ga   |    Pa Pa Sa’ Dha  |  Sa’ – Pa Dha Sa’   |    Dha   Pa

De s  Kh  De  |    s    Kh Ma  an  | Bha s   Ye s s          |   Ri        s

  0                             3                            *                                 2