Indian School of Music | Indian Music School: Are There any Best Music Schools in California?

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Are There any Best Music Schools in California?

 If you are looking for some of the best music schools in California then you should choose schools and conservatories that are in the southern part of California or Berkley. Few of the conservatories and schools near the vicinity that run good music programs are as follows:

•    UCLA or the University of California, Los Angeles, is one of the best places that offer world-class education in all types of performing arts including music. The new, classic and music theater provides some of the best entertaining moments and people from all over the world gather to enjoy the explosion of musical expressions at the Schoenberg Hall.

•    UC Irvine is another important place that offers all types of education related to music. The University of California, Irvine provides music classes through a special school- Claire Trevor School of the Arts. The place consists of a modern Arts Media Center that comes equipped with CD, DVD, VHS, Phonograph, laserdisc, DAT, Mac-lab of six station, and world class audio and video recording facility.

•    The Gassmann Electronic Music Studio affiliated to the UC Irvine is a state-of-the art studio ideal for digital recording. All such technological developments are also included in the music course taught under the Claire Trevor School of the Arts.

•    Musicology and Ethnomusicology are the two important courses that attract students interested in music to the UC Irvine.

Some other Universities that offer good education in music include UC San Diego and University of the Pacific. Many of these universities also offer the option of Indian Classical Music School California.