Indian School of Music | Indian Music School: Which are the Best Music Schools in California?

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Which are the Best Music Schools in California?

Apart from its scenic beauty, some of the best music schools in California also enhance the significance of this city. Just as the majestic mountains and beautiful beaches jazz up a wonderful scenic view in California, similarly extraordinary classical schools of music also attract thousands of music lovers to this city. Some of the major Universities dedicated to music such as Berkeley, Stanford, UCSB, UCLA, San Jose State and Cal State East Bay are located in California. 

If you are looking for a conservatory experience within the University ambience, then you should surely check out some of the music schools listed below:

Chapman University: Located at a very close distance to Disneyland, this university has a music conservatory in a small town called Orange. It offers the aspiring musicians undergraduate degrees in music education, composition, instrumental, conducting and vocal performance. Parallel universities include University of Pacific and Redlands. 

Thornton Music School: The Thornton School, affiliated to the University of Southern California is known the world over as one of the best conservatories. The faculties in the school come from the major music ensembles such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the study syllabus range from jazz, early music, opera to scoring music for motion pictures and television.  Parallel schools that also provide similar education in music include the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and Colburn in Los Angeles. 

However, the admission here is quite tough and is based on rigorous interview sessions and top scorings in SAT and GPA. Indian Classical Music School California also forms an integral part of some of these famous musical conservatories.