Indian School of Music | Indian Music School: New Discovery Reveals Top 4 secrets for creating Soft Classical Piano Music

Monday, 10 September 2012

New Discovery Reveals Top 4 secrets for creating Soft Classical Piano Music

Indian Music School is going to share some top secrets for creating melodious soft classical piano music.  Obviously there are numerous methodologies to musical creation; on the other hand there are 3 key components that you have to refer as the composer.  They are

a. a.The structure of music with respect to the composition, & progression of chords.
b. b.The perception of pleasant arrangements of musical notes.
c. c.The basic rhythmic unit in a piece of music.

Let us discuss those top secrets in a nutshell.

1. Place your musical ideas on a sheet of paper & take the first step to write those down. You need to discover, what stimulates you the most. 

2. Once your ideas are accumulated, you have to discover, which instruments you would like to have in your musical piece.  You could have the text delivered by singing or performed.

3. You need to set up the structure by writing the romantic piece. Ensure that the timing and the pulse of the song is in proper flow.  Perform the division of your structure in distinct parts, you can say in the renowned form ( sonata, suite etc.)

4. Once your thoughts are cleared in terms of timing and structure, you could, go on your piano, & perform music, whatsoever you would have in your intellectual ability. It could be a melodic phrase; it could be definite advancement of chords.  

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