Indian School of Music | Indian Music School: Top 6 Tips to Polish your Melody by Composing Enchanting Harmony Progression

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Top 6 Tips to Polish your Melody by Composing Enchanting Harmony Progression

Indian Music School is going to discuss some useful tips on how to polish the melody off by composing captivating harmony advancement to back up the song. Let us discuss those techniques in brief:

1.The chords instrumentalists will use to play along their new melody will be ascertained by the vocal keys. The simple- minded way to figure this out for nearly each tune is to verify the last note of the melodic line.

2.The combination of three or more notes, that blend harmoniously when sounded together, is basically made up of its scale first, third & fifth musical interval. 

3.Instrumentalist must keep changing the harmonies as it provides a pace to the melody, & it should be at steady & foreseeable interludes.

4.Interchange the fifth chord by making an addition to the flatted seventh. For instance, an instrumentalist whose melody is in the key of C, might like the sound of his tune better, if he sporadically applies a G7 chord instead of consistent G chord.

5.Most significantly, instrumentalist must discover harmonies that add something extra to make their melodies more intense. Properly selected chords will definitely create romantic mood to the song as well as provide refinement.

6.Once songsmiths have set their unique composing to melody all that is left, is consistent hard work & dedication for grand performance.  Personalized short poem of song like quality & wholehearted music will achieve guaranteed success, when the time arrives to reveal the masterwork.

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