Indian School of Music | Indian Music School: Top 5 Tips to workout your finger rapidity on the Piano

Friday, 14 September 2012

Top 5 Tips to workout your finger rapidity on the Piano

Indian Music School is going to impart skills on few finger exercises to help you by building up speediness & adroitness in using the hands on the piano.  Let’s discuss the guidelines in short so that you can get tons of thoughts on enhancing your finger moments. 

1.You can begin your fingers workout in the deep-rooted stand-in, i,e.. C Major. With whatsoever hand you select to commence with, play the leading five notes of the scale employing all five fingers to the full extent.

2.You have to place efforts in your way from C to G, and then back off once again.  You have to begin with low speed & validate that all the notations representing the pitch and duration of a musical sound are at the similar volume.

3.You would have a requirement for stable movements. You must not riffle your fingers, it is always recommended to move them steadily & in a conventional downcast apparent motion.

4.If ever you wish to make a move on complete scale like F Major, you need to begin gradually, playing just one musical interval of eight tones at first. Play alternately upward & downward the octave, pleasantly & gently.

5.It is highly recommended to begin at the slow pace & leisurely improve the tempo of the clicking pendulum which indicates the exact beat of a piece of music.

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